[nafex] Record cold

Jwlehman at aol.com Jwlehman at aol.com
Mon Jan 6 22:29:26 EST 2014

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amandaisoutdoors at hotmail.com writes:

> I just planted my trees this past spring.   It is supposed to get -11
> tonight and -1 high tomorrow in western PA.  I am worrying about my trees
> not being well established enough to survive.  Should I be trying to pile
> hay around them or something else?   
> Thanks, and hope all of your plants do alright!!

Do you have snow on the ground? Six inches of snow will provide a lot of 
insolation. Unless it is a species that tends to be winter tender they should 
be OK. But 6 inches of mulch will not hurt anything, just keep it away from 
the tree trunk as that can provide cover for hungry mice and they chew the 
cambium layer. 



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