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> In this case I am trying to propagate 'spur van' sweet cherry for an 
> Alaska project that I need a suitable cherry low enough to the 
> ground. It is the original material that I believe exists in the 
> "stressed" state and a cultivar "van" that is more prone to bacteria 
> canker, an internal bacteria for which plant pathologists have been 
> tying to find a good cure for for a hundred years. Trying to freeze 
> the scions seems to be the only viable option worth trying because 
> it might could place bacteria into a dormancy. I'll try some of 
> these suggestions from the other helps such as Jerry and Alexis as
> well and just see. 


This discussion thread started as winter grafting for persimmon. I stand by 
my suggestions that it could be done, and how. I have grafted sweet cherry 
and stored it's scions. Prunus and Diospyros are entirely different, with 
sweet cherry being a greater challenge to work with. Fungus is a much greater 
problem with Prunus. What I wrote about grafting persimmon does not apply to 
sweet cherry. 

I have also grafted persimmon after storing well over a year. Persimmon is 
easy to handle. Keeping sweet cherry viable that long is very difficult, 
nearly impossible.  


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