[nafex] keeping apples

tanis tanistanis at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 24 11:37:35 EST 2014

I'm betting on ethylene being more the problem than dryness.  Here's my observation:

This autumn I had apples from the later trees. These have tended to be the better keepers, so I put apples (mostly seconds) in plastic grocery bags, generally without tying or sealing.  Unless bags got stacked on others, but I was frequently inspecting & using.  Storage is in a cool area in a wood-stove heated house, without added humidity during most of the storage time.  Apples tended to rot from blemishes-- I could not stay ahead of this, with limited time for processing-- but not much mealiness.  My remaining 2 kinds are a late ripening russet which is only recently going a little wrinkly/mushy, and the Lowville apple which has never kept this well before.

The Lowvilles are from the tree on Bud.118 rootstock, the later part of the harvest which held on thru much of Oct.  Never seen this before.  Neither the texture nor the flavor are as crisp as right off the tree, but they are useable and almost as pretty as new. 

The Bud.118 tree leaned badly with the crop, and may be a loss.  If you use Bud.118, give it strong supports.

tc, s.WI, worried about my nursery M7s & young EMLA7 trees in this old-fashioned long winter & deep frost. 		 	   		  

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