[nafex] Best Dog Breed for Orchard Protection?

Naomi Counides naomi at oznayim.us
Sat Feb 22 20:19:11 EST 2014

This could be interesting. I have two LGDs.  Livestock Guardian Dogs.  Their
job and breeding is to protect the goat herd.  They bark. Especially at
night.  That tells predators that there is a BIG dog with no sense of humor
on duty. They are not mouse getters nor do I have any evidence that they
would consider trees a herd.  They are  prodigious hole diggers.  

Cats are good on mice and gophers and they do not bark or dig holes.  They
do sharpen their claws on trees.

No one around here has had much success with deer.  Though some try to even
up the score with a depredation tag.

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>Hey folks,
>I have an orchard that is productive, but it gets cut to pieces by 
>deer, groundhogs, and other varmits. I have tried many things, and as a 
>result have come to the conclusion that the overall best solution is a dog.
>Does anyone have any opinions about what breed is best for protecting 
>an orchard? The ideal dog would ravenously pursue any varmit of any 
>size, but not be too large or too barky.
>Any opinions welcome.

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