[nafex] Best Dog Breed for Orchard Protection?

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Eight years ago I decided to go with a dog-proof fence around my orchard and keep my old Black Lab in it most of the time.  Jake kept out big varmints, but I could never convince him that squirrels were an enemy.  As Jake slowed down I got a mutt pup that someone abandoned at our county building.  Derek grew into an 85 lb long legged dog that keeps everything out of the orchard, except the bluejays that peck holes in the apples and pears.
I can't recommend a breed, but get a young dog that is vigorous, does not spend all day digging holes, and teach it that squirrels are the enemy.


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>Hey folks,
>I have an orchard that is productive, but it gets cut to pieces by deer, 
>groundhogs, and other varmits. I have tried many things, and as a result 
>have come to the conclusion that the overall best solution is a dog.
>Does anyone have any opinions about what breed is best for protecting an 
>orchard? The ideal dog would ravenously pursue any varmit of any size, 
>but not be too large or too barky.
>Any opinions welcome.

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