[nafex] storing apples

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 13:47:57 EST 2014

Richard, the large apples may be Mutsus, which keep quite well and are
certainly large and green.  They are sweet but become uninteresting in
storage from my experience, although they do keep their texture.

Variety is key and my favorite storage apple, Goldrush, was already
mentioned.  If you are in Z5 or colder you may want to use a slightly
shorter season apple like Winesap, although varieties sometimes adjust to
location as I've found I can grow Pink Lady here which is also a marvelous

Instead of relying on an antique fridge you can use a cheap chest freezer
with a thermostat of the type sold in beer making stores.  On freezers
auto-defrost is still a luxury item.  However a seldom opened fridge in a
cool basement won't dehydrate apples too much if they are kept in plastic
bags with a few holes.

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