[nafex] keeping apples

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 20:32:14 EST 2014

We've kept apples into April and even a few into May.  Cultivars such as
Goldrush and Ark Black are still crisp.  As well as a very late ripening,
large green apple from friends  (anyone hazard an ID on this?).  We keep
the apples and Asian pears in grocery bags, then in cardboard boxes or in
the crisper trays.  Perhaps the CO2 builds up in our bags and prevents
We have a chest freezer converted into a frig now, and are eating crisp
apples from there (had one today).  Still several bushels there.

Not sure how your setup or your apples differ from ours.  But ours aren't
'mush' this time of year.

Richard Moyer
Maple syrup season here.  But was collecting and cooking down sap in shorts

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> Howdy all,
> I fill refrigerators with apples every fall.  By christmas things start to
> soften and by february even the best keepers are mush.  I figure that my
> problem is ethylene buildup in the "sealed" fridge.  The gas would, of
> course, dissipate from a real root cellar.
> Any of you figured out (or bought) a good ethylene scrubbing system?  On
> line I see that you can buy little sachets that are designed to be placed
> in boxes of shipped flowers and such to prevent premature aging.  They
> don't seem like they would be practical for my purposes---too small,1,000
> minimum purchase, no way to know how many to use, when to replace, etc.
> Any ideas?  I can't be the only one using fridges for storage.  And I would
> think that everyone who does has this problem.  Thanks!
> Steve Herje,

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