[nafex] Keeping apples

Steve Herje loneroc1 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 05:51:43 EST 2014

Howdy all,
I fill refrigerators with apples every fall.  By christmas things start to
soften and by february even the best keepers are mush.  I figure that my
problem is ethylene buildup in the "sealed" fridge.  The gas would, of
course, dissipate from a real root cellar.

Any of you figured out (or bought) a good ethylene scrubbing system?  On
line I see that you can buy little sachets that are designed to be placed
in boxes of shipped flowers and such to prevent premature aging.  They
don't seem like they would be practical for my purposes---too small,1,000
minimum purchase, no way to know how many to use, when to replace, etc.

Any ideas?  I can't be the only one using fridges for storage.  And I would
think that everyone who does has this problem.  Thanks!

Steve Herje,
On Feb 14, 2014 7:39 PM, "fuwa fuwa usagi" <fuwafuwausagi at muchomail.com>

> I grow my apples in ziplock bags anyways, so I just pull them off bag and
> all and they keep fairly well that way.
> And not to be sarcastic put you can dip them in wax, it peels off easily
> if you buff the apples first (on many varieties, for rougher apples, like
> russets you are better off spraying them with cooking oil first and dipping
> them, or cooking spray and wrap them... )years ago I waxed many
> apples...the wax is very reusable and can be remelted many times.  I played
> around with waxes...can;t remember the blend I came up with, mostly candle
> wax with paraffin added as I recall, but I do not remember the ratio.  But
> as I said the best part is you can reuse the wax.  It is sort of like
> making caramel apples  :)
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