[nafex] Keeping apples

Dr. Lucky Pittman lpittman at murraystate.edu
Wed Feb 12 11:29:59 EST 2014

Fellow who used to run a small commercial orchard here had a big walk-in cooler - but had to keep wet towels over baskets of apples in long-term storage to keep them from shriveling. 
I remember visiting with him at the beginning of a fall apple season, and having him tell me he had some Arkansas Blacks from the previous year that were better than they'd even been, but couldn't sell them because his wife had gotten tired of keeping the towels wet over the summer, and they were shriveled, and no one would buy them - even though the quality was vastly superior to what they'd been when they came off the trees almost a year earlier. 


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Is there a home kitchen method for waxing apples so they don’t lose moisture during storage?  I love Haralsons but they look like prunes at this time of the year.

Jim Fruth
Pequot Lakes, MN
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