[nafex] Asian / American Hybrid Persimmons?

alexis alexis at conev.org
Sun Feb 2 19:25:11 EST 2014

Re: American/ Asian Persimmon Hybrids

The trees to which I referred are the Rosseyanka and the Nikita's Gift. 
Both are truly amazing fruit. The Rosseyanka has a deep, rich flavor, 
with the sweetness of the Asians but a more complex, rich flavor that it 
gets from the American heritage. Can hang on the tree through much of 
the winter if you can keep the varmits off of them. Would probably dry 
well, though I eat all of mine too quickly to do much with that yet. The 
Rosseyanka is similar in cold hardiness to American persimmons.
The Nikita is a bit larger than the Rosseyanka, the skin is a little 
thinner. It is not quite as cold hardy as an American or Rosseyanka, but 
still (probably) more cold hardy than any true Asian. The flavor is also 
very sweet, very rich and complex.
Both of these trees tend to be largely trouble free as regards disease 
and insects. They are the polar opposite of common fruits (apple, peach, 
plum) that most often need chemicals or LOTS of attention to make 
spotless fruit. They also have higher food value -- not just sweet, but 

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