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Lori Rizzo rizzolori1 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 06:42:30 EDT 2014

Hi Devin,

I'm in Massachusetts and would be very interested in some rhizomes or
seeds. I just bought a place last month and am planning my edible forest.

Let me know the how, cost, etc., - thanks!


On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 10:17 PM, Devin Smith via nafex <
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> Glad to see there is some interest around tasty perennial groundcherries,
> For all of those who inquired, I'm in southern VT USDA zone 5b. I believe
> the lack of available perennial Physalis species in pretty indicative of
> the degree of neglect around these fruits. From what I have been able to
> surmise, there are several "species" of hardy perennial ground cherries.
> These are mostly considered problematic weeds, rather than useful cropping
> plants, though clearly a select few are as good as the best "cultivated"
> form. I've come across several different distinct types in my travels, none
> of which I am wholly convinced constitutes a "species" as such. It seems
> that the "annual" types, like Aunt Molly's or Pineapple, may in fact be
> perennial in the right climate (a warm one). As such, I tend to think of
> them as perennials grown as annuals, not unlike potatoes. Ripening times
> for these "annual" types tend toward the fall, suggesting that they come
> from a place
>  with a relatively long season. The variety I found growing along the
> stone foundation is truly hardy in this climate, and can be clonally
> propagated  by its rhizomes. It is beginning to ripen its fruit now, a full
> month or more before most annual types. I am particularly enamored of this
> selection because of its highly prostrate form-- only 4" tall, as well as
> its good flavor and early ripening. It seems to be a pretty unusual find. I
> wondered if any of you had looked at your local perennial Physalis (they're
> probably more numerous that you ever thought) to see if there are ones
> worth growing.
> I could probably send some rhizomes, or perhaps seeds, to those who are
> interested.
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