[nafex] complaints about taxpayer funded "club" varieties

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 06:21:49 EDT 2014

Funds for breeding research for state universities is, unfortunately,
shrinking as I believe, are the breeding programs themselves.  Money made
from patents can help universities fund more research so they have to do
whatever they can to recoup as much money with any rock star varieties they
happen to produce.  Honeycrisp is the holly grail but many varieties only
become popular after the extinction of the patent (think Goldrush).

Patents run their course and the system (originally devised in England)
actually created the environment to bring about the industrial revolution-
inventors must be rewarded based on the success of their inventions.  The
idea has always been that patents run out and become public property, but
not before the inventor is reasonably compensated.

I don't like the club variety idea much either, but I was at a farmers
markets in CA where a grower was boasting how he grafted all his trees to
patented Zaiger varieties.  He was very proud of how he avoided paying the
royalties.  I said nothing but didn't buy any of his fruit.  However, I
can't say I've never grafted a patented variety for my own personal use.
Can't do that with a club variety- boo hoo.

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