[nafex] Lori, Wild Black Cherry

Lori Rizzo rizzolori1 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 13:51:19 EDT 2014

So, I mixed them with some wild beach rose hips that have been soaking in
white wine for a couple of weeks, and a couple of apricots.  I boiled em up
and strained the juice. I've decided to do a couple of things:
1. Mix this with sugar and dark corn syrup to make a baste for crispy
chicken or duck - I think the flavor will suit this purpose.
2. Make some jelly.

There isn't enough to make wine so perhaps some other time.

I need to make one more trip to Tennessee to finish my move to Kingston,
MA, so will be collecting elderberries at that time if they are ready.  I
will be making some wine from them.  I'm also in search of "beach plums"
but the natives here tell me they are the wild rose hips - however, the
Internet tells me they are another type of bush, so it's a bit confusing as
to what they are - need to do a bit more research.

Thanks, all.

On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 7:20 AM, Jwlehman--- via nafex <
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> Hello Lori,
> That certainly looks like Prunus serotina, Wild Black Cherry. They are all
> over Indiana. The book, "101 Trees of Indiana" by Marion T. Jackson lists
> it as slightly bitter but eatable. I've tasted many and that description is
> accurate. Due to the large seed (percentage of flesh to seed) many must be
> gathered to use them. I've been told they make good wine, but am not a wine
>  maker.
> The leaves are very toxic to live stock and am told can kill them
> especially if foliage is in short supply when a tree falls and cattle over
> feed  on
> them. Go ahead make some jam or wine and please report back.
> Jerry
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> contact the list manager to get turned back on. You will still be  able to
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> it
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> In a message dated 8/17/2014 10:50:05 P.M. Eastern  Daylight Time,
> rizzolori1 at gmail.com writes:
> While I was on Winter Island, Salem, MA, I came across these  trees and
> someone there said he thought they were wild cherries. They don't  seem to
> have the same structure as a cherry, but I tasted one and they do  have
> similar taste and pit.
> I am not an orchardist or botanist, but  am wondering if anyone knows what
> these might be. I wouldn't mind making a  jelly out of them but don't want
> to get poisoned!  I can't remember if  we can attach photos on this list,
> but will do so and see what  happens.
> Thanks,
> Lori
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