[nafex] Lori, Wild Black Cherry

Jwlehman at aol.com Jwlehman at aol.com
Mon Aug 18 07:20:45 EDT 2014

Hello Lori,
That certainly looks like Prunus serotina, Wild Black Cherry. They are all  
over Indiana. The book, "101 Trees of Indiana" by Marion T. Jackson lists  
it as slightly bitter but eatable. I've tasted many and that description is  
accurate. Due to the large seed (percentage of flesh to seed) many must be  
gathered to use them. I've been told they make good wine, but am not a wine 
The leaves are very toxic to live stock and am told can kill them  
especially if foliage is in short supply when a tree falls and cattle over feed  on 
them. Go ahead make some jam or wine and please report back. 
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rizzolori1 at gmail.com writes:

While I was on Winter Island, Salem, MA, I came across these  trees and
someone there said he thought they were wild cherries. They don't  seem to
have the same structure as a cherry, but I tasted one and they do  have
similar taste and pit.

I am not an orchardist or botanist, but  am wondering if anyone knows what
these might be. I wouldn't mind making a  jelly out of them but don't want
to get poisoned!  I can't remember if  we can attach photos on this list,
but will do so and see what  happens.


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