[nafex] Yahoo mail Subject: Re: testing my re-enable

Toni Pralle toni.pralle at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 12:27:27 EDT 2014

Oh, it's worse than that. I can't open any yahoo mail. Haven't been able to
for almost two weeks. I can get around it by using the "basic" setting.
I've contacted yahoo numerous times but they tell me  to check my settings,
yada, yada. They have no idea THEY are the problem. I'm debating what to
do. Move everything to gmail? I don't like gmail all that much but I like
yahoo basic even less. I don't want to move everything to my friends and
family address with my internet provider. Hotmail? I just don't know. It
will be a PITA to move everything but it's a bigger PITA to have yahoo mail
this way. Will they "fix" it as soon as I migrate to a different email?

Toni in Iowa USA
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