[nafex] planting peach tree re: graft union

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Sat Apr 19 08:31:40 EDT 2014

Some trees, like apples, will form new roots if the truck get buried. Those trees aren't too fussy about what depth you bury them to, and you can pick the depth based on whether you WANT the trunk to root or not.

But many trees don't do that. Such trees want to be planted at the same depth they originally grew at, or even a tad higher. Some trees are tolerant, and will survive being buried too deeply, but it will stunt them for life.

I don't know which type peaches are. But I would be inclined to plant it so that it was at the same depth as it had grown before you got it, to the extent you can tell, unless you have some strong reason to plant it some other way.


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