[nafex] spacing question: blueberries, apples, currants, and perhaps pears

Ginda Fisher list at ginda.us
Sat Apr 12 17:38:49 EDT 2014

I have very little sun in my yard, but there's a grassy area right behind/north of the house that gets full sun during the summer. (It's shaded by the house in the winter.) Right now, I have a row of blueberries on one side of the house, and a row of currants on the other. I am thinking of removing some grass, and planting a row of fruit trees (apple, with perhaps a pear or two) to the north of the blueberries.

How far apart should I space the trees from the existing bushes? If I use dwarfing rootstock (G41, Bud 9)? If I use something that needs less support (M7, G30)? And how far from each other? I need to have room to walk and work between the plants, and presumably the plants need some space so as not to compete too vigorously with each other.

How far apart should the trees be from each other?

Are there any dwarfing pear rootstocks suitable for this sort of project? How hard is pear to graft?

I am thinking of terracing the back yard as part of this project. Currently, the land slopes gently up-hill as you walk away from the house. So if I terrace, the trees would be planted directly in front of a short retaining wall, maybe 2-3 feet high.


eastern MA, zone 6

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