[nafex] Crab apple disease resistance

Idell Weydemeyer iwgarden at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 8 21:41:08 EDT 2014

Wickson crab has a wonderful flavor.  It is a favorite of many people in the
local California Rare Fruit Growers and with their friends too. It is easy
to grow-- but then we are in the dry west. 

Idell Weydemeyer one 9 B
El Sobrante
Northern CA

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Not sure about Centennial or Orange Crab, but Burford's "Apples of North
America" claims  Wickson Crab can tip the scales at an astounding 25
brix.Other references (forget which) seemed to claim a somewhat lower, but
still very high sugar content. I have no experience growing it, so can't
speak to its resistances or appearance when grown organically/holistically. 
I got a stick at the swap, though.

I'm not so sure the sugar content idea is salient, Sherwin.  
I don't have a brix-ometer, but Centennial and Jim Bastian's Orange Crab are
two of the sweetest apples I grow.  Both crabs, and minimal insect damage,
compared to most larger apples.  Lucky
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