[nafex] Jim Bastion's Orange Crab (was Crab apple disease resistance)

Dr. Lucky Pittman lpittman at murraystate.edu
Tue Apr 8 18:12:20 EDT 2014

At present, Orange crab here is just a branch in a Dolgo seedling.  Has
fruited a couple of times;  I don't really pay any attention to disease of
any sort, other than fireblight (has not been a problem on it) and with
regard to insect pests, I just notice if the fruits are so damaged I can't
find enough flesh to bother with picking and trying to eat them. 
I don't spray ANYTHING - and have largely abandoned most of the apples I
planted 20 years ago; have replaced most of them with pears &/or persimmons.

Got my scions from Jim himself.  Don't know if he's selling or otherwise
providing scionwood, but IMO, it is a very good edible crab - one of the
nicest apples I've ever eaten.  Fruit resembles Centennial to some degree,
but has denser, sweeter, yellow flesh, so I'm convinced that it's not just a
Centennial that he ran across. 
Don't think he'll mind if I give you his contact information.  Heck, he and
I exchanged emails just recently, but I can't find it to get you his email.
Here's what I pulled off the internet: 
Jim Bastian of Yankee Apple makes quality apple tree labels that are hefty,
durable, rustproof, and made to withstand the elements. Some apple tree
varieties can live for 200+ years, still these labels will easily outlive
any tree you associate them with. Yankee Apple 66 Carvel Lane Plainfield NH
Email address I did find, from a 2010 message, is:  bastianjim at yahoo.com

Louis L. "Lucky" Pittman, Jr., DVM
Veterinary Pathologist - Section Head
Murray State University - Breathitt Veterinary Center
Hopkinsville, KY 
Ph. 270-881-3442
lpittman at murraystate.edu

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I'm not familiar with Jim Bastion's Orange Crab.  How well does it do
against disease when not sprayed?  I would be interested in some cuttings or
a nursery source if it has good resistance.

Joseph Richardson
NW Illinois
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