[nafex] salmonberry

Mike Levine mlevine at umich.edu
Thu Apr 3 14:10:38 EDT 2014

I'm growing curious about salmonberries.  Are there any cultivars
available?  Are there any thornless ones?  How do the fruit taste?  Would
they likely be invasive in SE Michigan (they can get 10' tall) or do they
mostly stay in bounds?
Are the berries yellow, orange, or red?  It seems like there is some
variability in the descriptions I'm finding.

I've seen these cultivar names, but can't find any nurseries that carry
them.  I can only seem to find the species:
Golden Ruby
Olympic Double
Flore Pleno (reported by some to be the same as Olympic Double)

Mike Levine
Ann Arbor, MI
Zone 5b

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