[nafex] how to keep squirrels of trees

david.maxwell at dal.ca david.maxwell at dal.ca
Sat Nov 30 12:37:59 EST 2013

Kania, as well as all other sources I have talked to, are absolutely consistent that these traps 
do not constitute the slightest risk to cats or other animals, as long as they are hung vertically 
in trees, poles, or sides of buildings.  Hanging them gets them out of the reach of critters that 
run around on the ground, (like small dogs, etc.).  And cats, (which can climb), have no 
interest in sticking their heads into the trap because they are not attracted in any way by the 
peanut butter or grain bait.  (But don't bait the trap with meat!)

> With the Kania traps, has there been a problem  catching one's own
> cats in it?
>  I want to remove squirrels but not at the expense of losing a beloved
>  pet.
> Idell Weydemeyer

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