[nafex] Chipmunks

david.maxwell at dal.ca david.maxwell at dal.ca
Fri Nov 29 13:31:00 EST 2013

When we had a horse this was the way we kept the mice/rats in the stable under good 
control.  I was never very happy with the ethics of it, (it takes a long time for them to drown, 
and I always worried about causing sufferring, ["of a rat!", you say... yes, even rats have 
feelings.], but it does work, (at least with mice and rats).

> Dan,
> A friend of mine claims that you set out a five gallon pail about half
> full of water.  Then coat the top of the water with sunflower seeds. 
> Place a stick up against the side of the pail and secure it, so it
> doesn't fall over and ruin access to the sunflowers.  You may want to
> spread a few seeds around the base of the stick to lure him into the
> trap. Supposedly, the curious little guys will investigate and when
> they jump down to grab some sunflower seeds, drown.  I have been
> wanting to try this.  Please let me know if it is effective for your
> purpose. This friend of mine swears by this method.  He says that he
> had one within 10 minutes.

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