[nafex] how to keep squirrels of trees

sherwin sherwindu at att.net
Thu Nov 28 01:39:59 EST 2013

On 11/27/2013 3:32 PM, david.maxwell at dal.ca wrote:
> A minor addition to the discourse:  I purchased 2 traps from Kania last year, (expensive, but
> reportedly extremely effective - see their website).  They never caught a darn thing, either at
> my place, nor at a friend's who is much more experienced than I.  I contacted Kania, who
> said that they work extremely well as supplied - for  grey squirrels,  But the much smaller
> Eastern Red squirrels need modifications - wrap the trigger wire with grass or some such to
> markedly narrow the opening, (it is a square wire frame.  The reds simply step through it,
> while they are supposed to push against it as they reach for the bait), and file the trigger
> mechanism to make it a hair trigger.  I haven't tested this as yet.  But my Eastern Reds
> consistently ate the bait I left them - apples and peanut butter.  (They just didn't trigger the
> trap.)  I would point out that the Kania traps don't fool around with questions of relocation -
> they despatch their subjects instantly to their just rewards.  No stress induced by forcible
> confinement.  No need to establish a network of friends in a new neighbourhood.  No
> concerns about introducing contagion into a vulnerable population, or pissing off the
> neighbours, or bringing down the might of the law upon one's head.  Clean, instantaneous,
> and definitive.

      We have just heard your eloquent plea for the prosecution.

       Can we find someone to plea for the squirrels defense.  Maybe the
       court can appoint a lawyer?


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