[nafex] how to keep squirrels of trees

Spidra Webster spidra at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 21:25:49 EST 2013

It's actually illegal in the state of CA to relocate wildlife (even
"domesticated wildlife" like Eastern Grey Squirrels). Plus it's not very
nice to your neighbors.

-The trapper must either euthanize a trapped animal or release it
immediately on site. Trapping and relocating of wildlife is prohibited.
Title 14 CCR Sect. 465.5 (1)

I've been considering using a slingshot in addition to barrier methods. My
current neighborhood isn't one where you can get away with even a pellet
gun. But I feel no worries about sending the blighters to squirrel heaven
since they're (a) an invasive species here in CA and (b) in the suburbs the
apex predators have been removed so there are no natural predators to keep
squirrel populations in check - humans have to do it.

If I were in a home I owned and able to afford to own a pet, I might well
look into getting a rat terrier for pest control. I have an acquaintance
who has a dachshund that has turned out to be a prodigious squirrel hunter.
If you can borrow a hunting animal from someone for a while, that's better
than any trap.

Megan Lynch
South Pasadena, CA
Zone 10a

On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 6:00 PM, Harold F. Turnbull <
hfturnbull at csupomona.edu> wrote:

> Trap the little 'effers in a "Have-a-Heart" type trap (I use dog food
> kibble for bait), and release them down the street on your neighbor's
> property.

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