[nafex] Planting in a sassafras zone

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I know that with Black Walnut there are plants that can grow with the phytochemical inhibitors. I'm attaching a Black Walnut guild that was drawn up by a local permaculture guy. Hope this is helpful.

Little John

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Subject: [nafex] Planting in a sassafras zone

Recently I took down a medium sized sassafras. In spite of some annoying root sprouts, I was set to plant a replacement tree until I read that sassafras, similar to black walnut, blocks competitors via allelopathy. How do I remediate the area? Is it simply a matter of killing the sprouts, or do whatever toxins sassafras releases stick around in the soil? Fragaria virginia is reportedly resistant, but what else would grow there?

--Jeff in Fairfax, Virginia (z6/7)
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