[nafex] apple rootstocks

tanis tanistanis at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 26 08:48:08 EST 2013

Thanks, all, for the advice & ideas.  My MM111s are sturdy & drought tolerant, but I have 10 year old grafts which I can touch the tops of.  I'm 5'3".  Most exasperating is that they want to grow vigorously from below the graft, no matter the topwork variety.  Also, the topwork often grows at an angle.  I would like to blame this on graft method but no other rootstock does this for me.

If this sounds like another rootstock mis-labelled as 111, do let me know.

> Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2013 16:33:09 -0500
> From: alandhaigh
> To: nafex
> Subject: [nafex] apple rootstocks
> As a nurseryman who markets in bearing age fruit trees I strongly favor
> M111 rootstocks. I am also a dry tree farmer with a sandy silt soil that
> doesn't hold a lot of water, but my trees go into a vast range of soils
> where I often end up managing them for the homeowners that hire me...

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