[nafex] Keeping rabbits out of garden: Digest, Vol 125, Issue 8

Geoffrey Tolle Gtolle0709 at wowway.com
Thu Jun 13 01:00:18 EDT 2013


      Regarding young trees and rabbits. I have found that tomato cages 
work quite well if you don't have too many trees and you have plenty of 
cages. You wouldn't think that the wide spacing of the cages would deter 
them but it does. My best guess is based on rabbit behavior. First of 
all, they have to raise up to nibble off the top of the sapling (which 
they seem to prefer to do. The bars of the tomato cage tend to be in the 
way. Second, they are constantly raising their heads to check for 
danger. I don't think that they like to be in situations where they 
can't raise their heads. I can't guarantee that this will work but it 
seems to be 100% with my city-bred rabbits.

                                         Geoffrey Tolle

On 6/12/13 3:51 PM, Bob Hartman wrote:
> Here the rabbits prefer the young fruit trees rather than the lettuce.  They
> leave the lettuce alone and go after the fruit trees, especially the young
> plum trees are their favorite.
> Bob
> Western Washington

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