[nafex] European Apple Sawfly

Steve sdw12986 at aol.com
Mon Jun 10 01:13:35 EDT 2013

Thanks for the reply Deb. I thought you were the only reply. Then I 
noticed that I had been dropped from the group and I had to sign up 
again. I then checked the archives and found that Jim Freeman had 
replied also. Thanks Jim. Oh, and there's another one from Eric Hambly. 
Also helpful.
In the end, I didn't spray with Sevin after all. Imidan is also 
recommended, from what I read last year. I was spraying my plums for 
curculio anyway, so I just sprayed the apples with the Imidan too.
Another year, when the apples look too plentiful, I'll probably try 
spraying Sevin on maybe one half of a couple of trees and the other half 
with Imidan, just to see what happens. (And of course to kill the 
sawflies too.) This year looks like a light crop so it's probably good 
that I didn't go ahead with the Sevin.


On 5/31/2013 1:10 PM, Deb Schneider wrote:
> A friend of mine has lost all her apples to drop for several years.  I
> found a reference to carbyl (sp?) possibly being the culprit.  She is going
> without this spray, so we will see if she gets any apples.
> Sorry, not "know", but some input anyway.
> On Fri, May 31, 2013 at 12:03 PM, Steve<sdw12986 at aol.com>  wrote:
>> >
>> >  Last spring, my apples were quite over run by sawflys. I promised myself
>> >  that this year, I would spray soon after petal fall to knock the
>> >  population back down. The last of the petals fell off earlier this week.
>> >
>> >  I have Sevin (Carbaryl) and it is one of the pesticides recommended for
>> >  European Apple Sawfly.
>> >
>> >  Sevin is also sometimes used to make apples drop to avoid hand thinning.
>> >
>> >  Does anyone here know (not guess) that apples will not be excessively
>> >  thinned if Sevin is sprayed when the apples are not much bigger that a
>> >  pea? Does Sevin work better to thin apples later during the normal June
>> >  drop time and not so much early?
>> >
>> >  Steve in the Adirondacks
>> >
>> >  PS  Last Saturday it was in the 30s all day, maybe hit 40 for a few
>> >  minutes. Today (six days later), I'm sitting here sweating. It's humid
>> >  and heading into the mid 80s.

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