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sherwin sherwindu at att.net
Wed Jul 24 19:24:08 EDT 2013

On 7/24/2013 5:10 PM, Alan Haigh wrote:
> I don't like using Imidan because it's terrible smell is a PR problem and
> I'm concerned about research of damage it causes to children whose mothers
> are exposed to it in pregnancy although the research  is very preliminary.

     I have smelled a lot worse things than Imidan.  Maybe the bugs
     also don't like the smell?

     I'm also concerned about my neighbors, but one has to take certain
     precautions when using something as strong as Imidan.  I always
     wait for a calm day, both for others and myself.  I check up and down
     the street nearby to see if any kids are playing there.  I try to not
     spray in very hot (say over 85 degrees) weather to prevent heavy
     atomization of the spray material.  I adjust the spray to a narrow
     spread when working the tops of the trees.  The spray is less likely
     to be caught by the wind, plus it is a more economical way to reach
     these higher branches.

     The most exposed people are the applicators.  Some people I know
      take shortcuts by not wearing the proper protective gear, especially
      a good quality breather mask.

      Your case is different where you are working other people's properties
      where you do not always have total control.  Without telling my
      neighbors to move away, they seem to avoid my area when I'm
      spraying, probably when they see me dressed up like an astronaut.

_I think this thread got off to a bad start because it was not made clear
      from the beginning that certain sprays were meant to be applied by
      specialists or for farm areas.  I still think Imidan is an 
excellent pesticide
      and can be used effectively and safely with the proper application.

                              Sherwin Dubren
                               Morton Grove, IL

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