[nafex] Asana

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 18:10:20 EDT 2013

I was not trying to steer people to Asana but to Triazide because Asana is
sold in gallon containers in extreme concentration for commercial use.  A
homeowner could only use a tiny fraction of it before it lost potency.  It
is a restricted pesticide in NY- I'm a licensed applicator.  I believe it's
restricted because if you accidentally released a quantity of it in a body
of water it would be a catastrophe for inhabiting aquatic life.

Stop worrying if Triazide works for leps- it does and all the other major
pests of fruit.  It's problem is it kills everything and can lead to mite
outbreaks.  Also its limited shelf life

Believe me in the NY,CT area we have as much pest pressure as anywhere in
the U.S. for the range of species that attack fruit.  Further south you
just have to do more sprays but our sprays have to be just as potent.  I
manage over a hundred orchards and am now using Asana at most of them.

I had a Gowan (Imidan manufacturer) customer sales  rep contact the top man
at the NY DEC and he said it was illegal to use Imidan in non agricultural
situations.  He referred to no statute and I've heard from other DEC
employees that it is legal to use this way.  Also the chemical suppliers
sell it to me if I want it and if it was against the law for me to use it
in home settings I don't think they could.  My category is residential
spraying.  It is restricted to licensed applicators in NY just like Asana
but not so in many other states including CT.

I don't like using Imidan because it's terrible smell is a PR problem and
I'm concerned about research of damage it causes to children whose mothers
are exposed to it in pregnancy although the research  is very preliminary.

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