[nafex] Triazide questions

Richard J. Ossolinski ossoeo at myfairpoint.net
Tue Jul 23 19:16:09 EDT 2013

It might be worth noting that, unlike Imidan, 
> DuPont™ Asana® XL is a restricted use pesticide.

Gouldsboro, ME  Zone 5

On Jul 23, 2013, at 6:14 PM, Judson Frisk wrote:

> Where do you purchase Asana?  Is it possible to purchase it in smaller
> quantities for a 50 tree orchard?   Judson L Frisk
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>> Don't know about Triazide.  Is it as effective as Imidan against
>     Apple Maggot and Codling Moth?  What kind of kickback are
>     you talking about?<
> Should be as affective, as I expect all pyrethroids are similar.  Asana
> claims to be more weather proof than others because some vegetable oil is in
> the formula but a decent sticker should more than compensate for that.
> Asana  certainly takes care of AM and CM and I'm confident from many
> exchanges from other growers that Triazide does also.
>> Another problem with it is a short 2 year shelf life and it's 
>> impossible
> to
>> know how old it is when you purchase it.
>> Are you referring to Imidan.  I was not aware of any shelf life
>> problem with it.   I have been using some of it that is several
>> years with no degradation of effectiveness.
> No, I was talking about Triazide.  I'm sure Imidan lasts for years but you
> can contact the manufacturer for specifics.
>> I've heard conflicting reports as to whether or not it really works 
>> well against plum curculio.  Does anyone on the list have personal
>> experience?
> I believe it works fine on PC because Asana does and because on the Garden
> Web fruit and orchards forum many participating fruit growers have been
> using it for years with great success on sites where they lose everything to
> PC without it.  I suspect any controversy is the result of its short shelf
> life.

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