[nafex] Triazide questions

sherwin sherwindu at att.net
Tue Jul 23 18:38:52 EDT 2013

On 7/23/2013 4:26 PM, Alan Haigh wrote:
>     > Don't know about Triazide.  Is it as effective as Imidan against
>       Apple Maggot and Codling Moth?  What kind of kickback are
>       you talking about?<
> Should be as affective, as I expect all pyrethroids are similar.  Asana
> claims to be more weather proof than others because some vegetable oil is
> in the formula but a decent sticker should more than compensate for that.
> Asana  certainly takes care of AM and CM and I'm confident from many
> exchanges from other growers that Triazide does also.

        I don't put much faith in manufacturer's claims.

        I agree that a sticker added to your mix is the same as what
        Asana adds in.

       I am wary of what some growers claim as far as effectiveness.
       Every region has different degrees of infestation, so if one is
       only mildly attacked by these bugs, certain pesticides may
       do the job.  However, in heavy attacks, something stronger
       may be necessary.  I would like to see a university report on
       the effectiveness of these pesticides to be sure the comparisons
       are done in a scientific manner.
>> Another problem with it is a short 2 year shelf life and it's impossible
> to
>> know how old it is when you purchase it.
>      >  Are you referring to Imidan.  I was not aware of any shelf life
>        >problem with it.   I have been using some of it that is several
>        >years with no degradation of effectiveness.
> No, I was talking about Triazide.  I'm sure Imidan lasts for years but you
> can contact the manufacturer for specifics.
>> I've heard conflicting reports as to whether or not it really works well
>> against plum curculio.  Does anyone on the list have personal >experience?

             Good question.
> I believe it works fine on PC because Asana does and because on the Garden
> Web fruit and orchards forum many participating fruit growers have been
> using it for years with great success on sites where they lose everything
> to PC without it.  I suspect any controversy is the result of its short
> shelf life.
       Going from losing everything to something less than that is
       not a good choice.  Depends on what results one is seeking.
       Have these garden sites used Imidan and made comparisons
       to the results with Asana?
> Pyrethroids work better against stink bugs and other bugs than Imidan and
> have a long residual quality even after the poison isn't killing- they are
> irritants for a period of time after losing toxicity.  They are also more
> than adequately affective against PC in home orchard conditions.  At least
> as good as Imidan against Leps as well.
       I was told by someone at U. of Illinois that Imidan does the
       best job of coverage of different types of bugs.  It does not
       work with things like aphids, but using something like Sevin
       can handle those pests.   Where can I see some documentation
       on these irritants you speak of?

       Alan, I would like to see more documentation on all these claims
       you make before jumping over to this new stuff.

                      Sherwin Dubren
                      Morton Grove, IL
> Imidan has kick-back by way of penetrating the small tunnels and killing
> larva and eggs in the fruit.  None of the new pesticides does a real good
> job of this, although the neonicinoid Assail is said to have some
> kick-back.
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