[nafex] Answering Sherwin and Ray

Alan Haigh alandhaigh at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 17:34:04 EDT 2013

Sherwin, I've replaced Imidan mostly with Asana for the estate and home
orchards I manage and have been surprised with the relative success I've
gotten just doing 2 sprays 10 -14 days apart starting at petal fall of
latest blooming apples.  Coddling moth hasn't been a problem as far as
later generations and for some reason I never have a problem with apple fly
maggot although commercial growers in my area commonly have to deal with
it, requiring later sprays.

I manage about 100 orchards and have been gradually shifting away from
Imidan for the last 4 years.  Small commercial orchards I spray get Avaunt.

Ray, Shiro was the first plum I successfully grew here and it can be pretty
good if you thin it well giving at least 6" of branch for each plum.  I
think Methely is equally cold hardy and ripens earlier.  It is red fleshed
and also needs aggressive thinning.  It's problem is that it's a magnet for
black knot.

Satsuma, Earli-magic and Santa Rosa are my favorite J. plums right now but
EM might be the only one that could survive your cold.

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