[nafex] Questions

Ray Kaminski rjkaminski at charter.net
Fri Jul 19 11:06:43 EDT 2013

  You asked my location.  It is north east Wisconsin 40 miles NE of 
Green Bay very close to Lake Michigan.
   Shiro plum (from Raintree) is the one I am trying to protect from 
brown rot. as I would guess there would be about two bushels of ripe 
plums if all would make it. They get larger than golf balls and very 
juicy.  Catalog says wear a bib when eating them and that is not far 
off. I use Imidan and Captan normally on the trees and always have 
had good results but for this one tree.
Am a hobby grower ,no commercial sales but have over a hundred trees 
to play with.  Went to a local farm co-op and they have Indar for 
$179.00 a gallon in the smallest amount and I need about 3 oz. 
so  tossed that idea out.  Next on the Internet, Amazon has a pint 
of  Montery Fungus Fighter for 19 bucks and free shipping if you have 
$25.00 worth of material total. Received notice it should arrive next 
Wednesday. Thank you all, always nice to hear different ideas and 
opinions.  Ray

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