[nafex] Purple raspberry issue

Melissa Kacalanos mijwiz at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 16 12:00:46 EDT 2013

Have you been pruning them like everbearers? (As some do, cutting all the canes down in winter.) That wouldn't work if these bear only on second-year wood.


 From: Dan Durica <dandurica at hotmail.com>
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Subject: [nafex] Purple raspberry issue

I've had some purple raspberries growing in my garden for about three years and though they are vigorous and healthy plants, they have not produced any sign of a flower or fruit.  They are in raised beds and my soil is fairly heavy but there are everbearing raspberries growing right next to them that produce fine.  Anyone know why they aren't flowering?  I'm ready to take them out because I'd rather grow something else if they are not going to produce at all.  I've had trouble finding much information about purple raspberry cultivation.

Dan Durica
Northeastern MO
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