[nafex] Pawpaw survival

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The soil is quite alkaline. I've taken to applying liberal doses of 
acidifier and there has been a significant improvement in leaf color. 
Without that, the leaves tend to be pale. Annual rain fall is 8"!! We 
water every day or every other day. Summer temperatures in the high 90's.

What surprised me this year is that there was NOT a gradual decline in 
the leaves but rather an almost overnight loss of leaves. Maybe the 
wind. Maybe bugs. The remaining leaves were battered-looking and chewed 
up on the edges. The biggest leaves went first and then the few 
remaining small leaves just withered on the stem. The tree did not 
respond with a new flush of growth. The stems very quickly became 
dead-looking, which made me wonder if something had happened to the 
roots themselves.



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On 7/11/2013 4:37 AM, Jwlehman at aol.com wrote:
> Interesting reading everyone.
> Regarding the success of moving pawpaw sprouts, several of you have had
> very good success with it and that surprises me. Most growers including myself
> have failed at moving sprouts and seedlings. I talk with far more that
> failed than successes. The failure rate is why most nurseries sell only potted
> pawpaws, not bear root plants. Congratulations are in order.
> I've been trying to establish pawpaws for a number of years in New
> Mexico at 5000 feet. I seem to be seeing a pattern in which the plants
> do OK the first season and then seem to diminish and die out the
> second or third. I had a plant that leafed out real nicely this spring
> with lots of big leaves, which then died off.     Jay
> Jay,
> What is your soil pH and summer time temps? Annual rain fall? Any leaf
> discoloration?
> East of the Mississippi River pawpaw does well in most areas from Florida
> to New York and Michigan.
> Jerry
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