[nafex] wrong person but maybe right anwer.

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Sat Jul 6 12:52:36 EDT 2013

I think you mean, "parthenocarpic".

Parthenocarpy will explain some cropping in some situations on some species, but unless the female is kept in an isolation cage, true pollination can occur over longer-than-expected distances at some frequency as well.


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>I addressed this to Lucky but should have been Jim Fruth instead.  He's the
>one who asked question about a barren Ure that after 20 years finally bore
>a crop without a pollinator.  My point here is that it may have had
>something to do with spring weather.
>Lucky, I don't know if this is the answer to your question, but pears are
>often capable of bearing carpenocarphic (without seeds) fruit if temps
>during bloom are quite warm according to Childers in "Modern Fruit
>Science".  He only lists three pears capable of doing this, including
>Bartlett and Comice,  but I believe most can from all the times I've read
>about this happening to growers in southern regions with many varieties.
>But I'm not a fruit scientist and a thousand anecdotes are still just
>I've seen a lot of species and varieties of fruit that are supposed to
>require cross pollination either occasionally or usually self fruit-  paw
>paws included, unfortunately with seeds.
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