[nafex] transplanting paw paws

sherwin sherwindu at att.net
Mon Jul 1 23:47:03 EDT 2013

On 7/1/2013 4:57 PM, Alan Haigh wrote:
> Sherwin, I moved these plants about a decade ago.  I did not have any
> gradual die back of a single specimen but all soils are different and
> produce a different kind of root structure.  Maybe I was just lucky.
>    " I hope both you and Alan realize that his observation of 100 percent
>        takes on these transplants does not mean they will continue to
> survive.
>        In my case, some lasted one season, some two, before they died.
> Thankfully,
>        some did finally take hold and I can't wait to start seeing fruit."
>                                     Sherwin Dubren

        I' m not sure what you transplanted, but I think it is critical how
        well established the little trees are before you dig them out.  If
        these root sucker trees have had enough time to establish themselves
        before moving them, say a season or two, they are much more likely
        to survive.  In my case, I was taking very recent root sucker 
plants that
        were not all totally independent of the mother tree.  Moving 
        trees is certainly a better bet.  The root sucker trees I took 
were from
        another orchard, so I had no opportunity to wait for them to 
take hold.

                        Sherwin Dubren

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