[nafex] Grafting Knife Recommendation

Peter Chrisbacher pxbacher at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 21:19:31 EST 2013

This spring I plan to try my hand at grafting some hickory and walnut
seedlings. My cheap-o fluorescent orange "grafting" knife works reasonably
well after sharpening for a few apple grafts each spring, but I'm thinking
I should upgrade to "the real thing" before attempting nut trees.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good brand/model?  I've been
impressed by every victorinox knife I've used, but thought I'd put it out
to this group before diving in on a purchase.

Incidentally, I plan on modifying John Brittain's bench grafting method to
suit my needs, including an idea I have for building a custom (small-scale)
graft heater to callous the grafts under heat for two weeks before moving

Thanks all -

Pete Chrisbacher
6b/7a southeastern PA

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