[nafex] durian, "King of the fruits"

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar parmarch_mnd at dataone.in
Thu Jan 24 22:42:18 EST 2013

I have been reading this discussion with interest.  I have visited South 
East Asian countries many times and have eaten durians on every visit.  I 
think taste is not an "absolute" term but a relative term.  We do not like 
to eat bitter things.  But still we drink beer which is not sweet.  In 
India, bitter gourd is a favourite vegetable and is eaten in many ways. 
Same is the case with durian.  Some like it and some find it repulsive.  I 
cannot stand the site of people eating frogs in China or even in the US in 
Chinese restaurants.  If any Hindu swallows beef without knowing it and then 
told later that the nice food he ate was beef, he might vomit (Jerry, excuse 
me.  I am a cosmopolitan Hindu and therefore above these things).  Now 
durians are available in Indian supermarkets too and these are priced 
exorbitantly high, very much more the basest mango varieties.  Millions in 
the world eat avocados too which are absolutely tasteless and therefore in 
strict terms should be categorized even as a "fruit".  So it is a matter of 
getting used since beginning.

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> That's pretty funny, Hector.  Here in St. Paul, there are very many South
> Asian immigrants (and food stores that cater to their ethnic foods needs).
>  In many of the stores one can find frozen durian and durian that has been
> frozen then thawed.  I've also seen durian ice cream and durian blender
> drinks offered in Asian snack shops and restaurants. I have some durian
> essence (flavoring) that I've never tried, and perhaps I should test that 
> first.
> -- Sam

While in China w/o Barb I purchased a sack of durian candy at an airport
and passed out to fellow travelers. Most tasted it and immediately spit it
out. Not a good advertisement for the fruit. There was a couple form 
in the group and they likes it and shared many with them. Brought some home
and frankly threw the last few out.

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