[nafex] durian, "King of the fruits"

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Thu Jan 24 12:30:22 EST 2013

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sam.brungardt at state.mn.us writes:

> That's pretty funny, Hector.  Here in St. Paul, there are very many South 
> Asian immigrants (and food stores that cater to their ethnic foods needs). 
>  In many of the stores one can find frozen durian and durian that has been 
> frozen then thawed.  I've also seen durian ice cream and durian blender 
> drinks offered in Asian snack shops and restaurants. I have some durian 
> essence (flavoring) that I've never tried, and perhaps I should test that first. 
> -- Sam

While in China w/o Barb I purchased a sack of durian candy at an airport 
and passed out to fellow travelers. Most tasted it and immediately spit it 
out. Not a good advertisement for the fruit. There was a couple form Indonesia 
in the group and they likes it and shared many with them. Brought some home 
and frankly threw the last few out. 


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