[nafex] Honey Locust Pods - How to Process?

Peter Chrisbacher pxbacher at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 21:33:56 EST 2013

I recently located a grove of mature (grafted superior high-sugar-content
pods) honey locust.  The ripe pods I collected off the ground today each
produce a tablespoon or more of sweet/tart, gooey, delicious-smelling pulp
when squeezed.

Does anyone have any experience processing this stuff?  I tasted some fresh
from the pod and it's surprisingly good.  I collected only 6 or 8 pods, but
I'm tempted to go back and get more if someone can recommend a good way to
harvest and use this stuff.  My "Edible wild plants" books contain no
information of value on this tree.

I haven't yet dug out any seeds, but I understand these are also edible...

Here's a pic: http://goo.gl/CyhDR

BTW, best site I've found so far with info on honey locust use was this

Thanks all -

Pete Chrisbacher

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