[nafex] revisiting quince - compatibility if reverse scion and rootstock

anton ptak antonptak at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 17:08:52 EST 2013

One more question on this - I find references to using OHF interstems on 
quince to increase compatibility with some pear cultivars.  If 
compatibility works in one direction, should it not also work in the 
reverse?  i.e. if OHF pear interstems on quince are compatible, would 
not quince grafted onto OHF, or is there some horicultural aspect of 
compatibility that does not necessarily permit someone to draw that 
conclusion?  Alternatively, anyone's personal experience regarding this 
would be also be quite interesting.

It would also be interesting to hear of this concept applied to other 
species as well.

Anton Ptak
Zone 4a W. Wisc

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