[nafex] revisiting quince

Louis Pittman lpittman at murraystate.edu
Mon Jan 21 22:41:46 EST 2013

I didn't remember how long ago I had posted that - time flies whether
you're having fun or not -  but the Aromatnaya on pear didn't work here.
 But on hawthorn (C.crus-galli), it held on until at least last year - may
still be alive, but was heavily infected with rust, and appeared to be on
its way out.... Looks like it lasted at least 10years.- and was not in a
very good spot, at that.


On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 6:52 PM, anton ptak <antonptak at gmail.com> wrote:

> Has anyone any success grafting quince onto OHF or other pear rootstocks?
> I would like to try some of the quince varieties from the germplasm
> repository, but from what I understand the commercially available quince
> rootstocks are not hardy enough for our Zone 4 site.  Hence, the search
> for another understock option . . . .
> I ran across a message in the archives (pasted below) from 2002 and was
> wondering if Lucky had tried what he proposed and if so, the results of
> that trial.
> Thanks,
> Anton Ptak
> Zone 4a W. Wisconsin
> Lucky,
> There was a multi-stemmed volunteer bush in the backyard.   The leaves
> looked very similar to a hawthorn growing in the front yard - so I guessed
> it
> was a hawthorn.  I had scions of three pears - including Magness and
> Warren - and grafted all onto it.   As well as a seedling Quince a Michigan
> NAFEXer had sent me.  They all took, and suvived.  Last year my
> ''hawthorn'' started bearing crabapples, and the leaves on the maturing
> bush stopped
> looking like hawthorn and started looking like crabapple.  By now only one
> pear scion, a Magness survives.  The Quince is still on there, and
> survives better than the pears, but hasn't flowered or borne fruit.  I
> still haven't found anything to graft the Quince off of the crabapple onto
> something else, because I don't have any other quince.
> Yes, I'd go ahead and graft your Quince onto pear and hawthorn, if it can
> survive with me on crabapple, it should at least survive and possibly
> thrive on pear or hawthorn.
> Charlie Paradise
> Massachusetts
> Lucky Pittman wrote:
> > In the past, we've discussed grafting pear cultivars onto quince &/or
> > hawthorn rootstocks, but does anyone have any experience doing the
> reciprocal?
> >
> > A friend sent me some "Aromatnaya" quince scions - but I have no quince
> > seedlings to work them onto - plenty of pear & hawthorn, but no quince.
>  I
> > wondered if anyone had any words of encouragement - I've already grafted
> > scions onto a couple of pears and a hawthorn, so if you're gonna warn me
> > not to, don't waste your time typing 8>)
> >
> > Progress report of sorts:  3 years ago, I grafted "Ayers" pear onto what
> I
> > had purchased as a seedling pear rootstock, but last spring, after closer
> > examination, I determined that it was an apple seedling.  The 3-yr old
> > graft, an unbranched whip only about 4 ft tall, bloomed profusely this
> > spring.  If it escapes frost/freeze damage, I suspect I'll have to thin
> > pretty severely. I did cut scions off it this spring to re-graft onto a
> > known pear rootstock, in the event that it doesn't survive long on it's
> > apple root.
> >
> > Lucky Pittman
> > USDA Zone 6
> > Hopkinsville, KY
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