[nafex] Growing Aronia from seed.

Richard MURPHY murphman108 at msn.com
Mon Jan 21 18:29:25 EST 2013

How to grow Aronia from seed.
 The following is right from my notebook: (2011) 
 1. The berries were macerated by squeezing them by hand in a 
 bowl of cold water. 
 2. The seeds sink to the bottom, and they are very small. 
 3. The seeds were washed by shaking them in a jar with water for 
 1 minute. 
 4. On November 5, they went into the fridge in a jar with a DAMP 
 paper towel. 
 5. On February 26th, 112 days later they were planted in Miracle 
 Gro seed starter mix. 
 Indoors. 1/2" deep. At this time, there were no radicles 
 6. On March 6, seedlings began to emerge, and continued to 
 emerge for about 10 days. 
 7. On March 28, the seedlings were 3 to 4" tall. 
 8. On May 6, I transplanted the seedlings outside. Zone 6 MA. 
 9. Every plant thrived vigorously. 
 These were some of the easiest plants I ever started. 
 You may use / distribute this info as you see fit. 

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