[nafex] Russian quince released

Jwlehman at aol.com Jwlehman at aol.com
Fri Jan 18 21:40:56 EST 2013

A few years back three quince came in from Russia under my import permit. 
These now have been unconditionally released by Beltsville and need not be 
grown in quarintine. I'll have a limited amount of wood from the USDA that can 
be shared. 

These varieties are expermintal. In the past I've had two bear fruit and 
just as with all quince they are too firm to eat out of hand from the tree. 
But they made excellant cider with no additives. The bad news is they are very 
suseptable to Fire Blight. I managed to keep them a few years by 
continually prunning all summer. They aren't recommend for growers in areas with heavy 
Fireblight infections or of you don't have the time to prune out infected 
wood often.     

If anyone would like some cuttings send me an em off line. It will be first 
come, first served. All I ask is reimbursement of postage after you receive 
the material. 


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