[nafex] Myrica Rubra / Bayberry

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar parmarch_mnd at dataone.in
Wed Jan 16 03:30:55 EST 2013

Derry, Scot and Cliff,

I have no experience with Myrica rubra, but we have totally failed with 
cuttings of Myrica nagi which we call kaphal here and which is more or less 
similar to M. rubra except the tree size which is much smaller than rubra. 
There are chapters about both in Fruitipedia and a few pictures about 

Kaphal seeds germinate but are slow to germinate and also to grow.

Though I did not get any rooting at all even under mist, but this tree has a 
tendency to form roots.  I have seen naturally formed layers of this plant 
in the forest.  So the cuttings will  root in case they get their ideal 

y experience is that kaphal is a plant of relatively colder area than rubra.

If any of you is interested in kaphal seeds, you may write me around 1st of 
May as the season for it starts around 15th of May.

Please  do see the chapters in Fruitipedia.

Dr. Chiranjit Parmar

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The Complete Book of Plant Propagation by Clarke and Toogood, 1992, says
for Myrica sp.:

semi-ripe cuttings taken with a heel during mid- to late summer and
rooted in a heated propagating case 18°C (65 F).

Seeds sown as soon as ripe and placed in a garden frame. Transfer to
heated greenhouse in late winter.

Division during early or mid-Spring, replanting the portions immediately
in their permanent position.


On 1/14/2013 10:10 AM, Scott Smith wrote:
> I have tried three times to germinate bayberry seeds and all three
> times I got nothing.  Each of the seed batches was from a totally
> different source.  One batch I know was fresh because I ate the
> surrounding berry myself :-)
> Maybe someone knows some tricks for germination?  I would guess they
> do not need stratification since they are from a tropical climate.  I
> held the seeds at about 80F for several months.
> Scott
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