[nafex] When responding to a post...

sherwin sherwindu at att.net
Tue Jan 15 21:05:56 EST 2013

On 1/15/2013 4:52 PM, Road's End Farm wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> You've accomplished the first of those, with me at least; but
> unfortunately not the second, at least unless you were trying to give
> an example of how long a post can get when you don't delete the
> extraneous stuff.
> It's a very good point, however. I've occasionally given up and
> deleted something without having managed to find what the person
> sending it presumably meant to say, because it was buried somewhere in
> the entirely of a digest or a very long discussion all of which got
> quoted.
> We should also try to remember to change post titles when necessary;
> which I admit to occasionally forgetting to do myself.
> -- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 6A now I think
> Fresh-market organic produce, small scale
     This annoys me both on Nafex and on Midfex where I am the forum 

     Using a digest message to post or reply adds unnecessary bulk to 

     Trimming a message is easy by highlighting the unwanted text and 
hitting the delete key.

     Using non-meaningful titles makes tracking messages a pain.  It is 
even worse when
     perusing the archives and trying to list by thread or subject.

                                 Sherwin Dubren

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