[nafex] Two mulberry propagation questions

Richard Moyer ramoyer at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 18:40:44 EST 2013

We have young, seedling mulberry trees on our land (2-5" diameter).  Assume
these are red or red hybrids.  I could graft these higher than deer or cows
reach.  Do cleft grafts work?  What other types of grafts recommended?  T
or chip?  Least care afterward helpful, as spread over 70 acres, about half
wooded, moderate to steep.

Scionwood on hand is Illinois Everbearing, and a neighbor's tree that is
quite tasty, similar to IE.

Second, would like to root some Illinois Everbearing, 1 yr old wood.
 Suggestions of timing, hormone or not, crush end or cut at slant, etc?

There is a market here for wineries.  About $20 per gallon, from fruit
shaken onto sheets from trees.  For this purpose cultivars that ripen all
at once better.

Most I've seen at market were in Seoul, Korea.  Fresh market, in cups.

This is the Moraceae family.  Figs, mulberries, Che.  None of these fruits
last well off the tree fresh, Che longest in my experience.  (If only Osage
Orange fruit were edible!)  Ripe mulberries though, can last very long ON
the tree, even with wet conditions and very ripe fruit, without going
moldy.  Much longer than ripe caneberries in same humid weather.

Richard Moyer

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