[nafex] Myrica Rubra / Bayberry

derry walsh derrywalsh1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 14:08:57 EST 2013

The Complete Book of Plant Propagation by Clarke and Toogood, 1992, says
for Myrica sp.:

semi-ripe cuttings taken with a heel during mid- to late summer and 
rooted in a heated propagating case 18°C (65 F).

Seeds sown as soon as ripe and placed in a garden frame. Transfer to 
heated greenhouse in late winter.

Division during early or mid-Spring, replanting the portions immediately 
in their permanent position.


On 1/14/2013 10:10 AM, Scott Smith wrote:
> I have tried three times to germinate bayberry seeds and all three
> times I got nothing.  Each of the seed batches was from a totally
> different source.  One batch I know was fresh because I ate the
> surrounding berry myself :-)
> Maybe someone knows some tricks for germination?  I would guess they
> do not need stratification since they are from a tropical climate.  I
> held the seeds at about 80F for several months.
> Scott

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